"sib Conduit" will be part of Agony Art evening at Chisenhale Dance Space on Friday 9th December, 7pm. For more information please visit http://agonyart.tumblr.com/.



In collaboration with artist Eleni Theofylaktou link a performance titled "From the beginning" will be presented at Moni Lazariston Festival, Thessaloniki on Saturday 19th November 8:00pm.


"sib Conduit" is a new piece created by Danai Pappa and musician Neal Spowage, to be presented at De Montfort University, Leicester on the 26th October, 7pm. For more details about the music event visit this link.


Danai is one of the 100 women taking part in Square Dances choreographed by Rosemary Lee as part of Dance Umbrella. Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October at Gordon square. For more information visit this link.


"Press es es" will be part of Luton Summer Festival, Saturday 30 July 2011. More details coming soon on this page.


Danai is playing with Neal Spowages's Electronic Dumbell. The performance will take place at Beam Festival (Brunel Electronic and Analogue Music Festival) on Friday 24 June. For more details about the project visit this link.


"Press es es" will be presented as part of Agony Art evening at Chisenhale Dance Space on Saturday 26 March. For more information please visit http://agonyart.tumblr.com


Danai is returning to Resolution! 2011 with a new choreography, presented at the Place on Monday 24 January (link). "Five and a half" is a 17min piece about emotional states. A group of females go through different moods and alternate physical patterns. Watch the trailer