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16 November: Danai is collaborating with Oiseaux Bizarres Ensemble for Jani Christou conference, including a performance at Goldsmiths University. Find info!

18 October: Agony Art is curating an unorthodox evening, inviting artists who have previously shown work in this platform to participate in a day that will conclude with the presentation of a collective performance work, Chisenhale Dance Space as part of The Big 30.


29 August: Cold Papaya, new duet by Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa will be part of Fascinate conference in Falmouth University. 



25 August: Danai worked as movement Coach for "Caryatid Unplugged" directed and performed by Evi Stamatiou. Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, 2-25 August. Get your tickets here!



12 July: Curated by the d’n in collaboration with The Lab Collective, the July d’n café will welcome the founders of Agony Art who will talk to us about the dramaturgy of creating a DIY lab, a new addition to the performance scene. Marylebone Gardens, 7pm.



30 June: Frozen Venus will be part of the Music and/as Process symposium in Huddersfield.



7 June: Performing with open OPENLAB (by Antonio de la Fe) at "Pool Nights" @ The Albert, London.



11 & 12 May: Performing with Ov London in the "Art of the Moment" @ The Albert, London.



14 April: Double bill for Danai! A new duet Somniforte created by Danai Pappa & Andriana Minou (aka The Vacuum Killers) will be presented at Musichoreography at King's Place. Part of the same event will also be sib Coduit created by Danai and Neal Spowage.



22 March: Frozen Venus, a brand new work by Danai Pappa and Neal Spowage will be presented in an Agony Art event at Chisenhale Dance Space. For more information please visit



8 March: Danai will be mprovising with musicians in Flux Soup at the Cinema Museum at 7pm. An imaginative night of clips and shorts from independent film-makers and fusion of jazz, classical and electronic music!


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